“I have heard the horror stories about what happens to your estate if you do not have a plan, and I hated the idea of making my family suffer through the probate process before they could get any inheritance from me.  It was a no-brainer to get our estate plan handled so that should the inevitable happen sooner than expected, the last thing our family would have to worry about is who will take care of our kids and what happens to our stuff. Estate planning is one of those things that people tend to procrastinate doing, but Lorilee made the process easy and much more comfortable than we ever could have expected. She was thorough, patient, and explained things clearly. I was so pleased with my experience with Lorilee that I have referred her to many other people in my life (including family members, friends and my employees) so that she can help them, too. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.” – Jeanne D., business owner

“Before I started working with Lorilee on my estate plan, I was worried about how to protect my assets for my kids and how to maintain family harmony after I’m gone. Lorilee’s expertise and her ethics quickly put me at ease, and I found the estate planning process to be much more comfortable than I had originally anticipated. Lorilee and her team are very professional, and also very caring. I am really glad to have Lorilee as a resource.” – Betty Anne S., mother and business owner

“Lorilee is a smart, professional, wonderful attorney to work with in planning one’s estate. What she brings to the table, in addition to her legal smarts, is her ability to connect with you on a very real emotional level. Estate planning can be very emotional. Lorilee is there with compassion and zero judgment to guide you through. I would recommend her without reservation.” – Cathy K., aesthetician

“I knew I had to update my will and trust but didn’t know anyone I felt comfortable with. Then I met Lorilee DeSantis! She immediately put me at ease! The entire process was comfortable and simple. I highly recommend Lorilee DeSantis.” – Lisa M., massage therapist

“[She’s] fabulous! I’ve never met an attorney as personable as Lorilee.” – Terry D., business owner

“She’s terrific!” – John G., business owner

“She’s a very, very good listener.” – Mark M., business owner

“She is incredibly easy to talk to and is a voice of reason” – Christmas S., personal trainer

“She’s phenomenal at what she does.” – Anthony C., financial planner

“I really appreciated Lorilee’s help, advice and demeanor. Very professional and honest. That is a hard combination, but much appreciated. Should anything ever come up, I will not hesitate to call.” – Denis B., engineer

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