Our Approach

Lorilee feels that practicing family law is about more than obtaining a divorce and court orders for custody and support. It’s about helping people who are in distress find solutions to their legal problems, reassured and confident that their children and their assets will be protected to the best of their ability.

LorileeSanta Rosa Experienced and Compassionate Family Law Attorney

Lorilee has a passion for helping her clients move towards a brighter future without anger and regret.

Individuals who have family law issues often feel a tremendous amount of stress and fear. Lorilee believes that much of that fear comes from not knowing what to expect and not knowing how to identify or create solutions. Lorilee empowers clients to make confident, well-informed decisions by educating them about their legal options. She has observed that clients’ anxiety and fear begin to fade as Lorilee guides them through the legal process with confidence, compassion and a friendly smile. By offering thoughtful advice and creative solutions, Lorilee has helped many individuals successfully resolve their family law issues. Read what they have to say by visiting our reviews.

Lorilee works very closely with her clients to help them obtain equitable results which protect their interests, including their assets and their children. Often family law issues are resolved by agreements which are reached through negotiation and the parties’ shared desire to secure a fair agreement. Sometimes, though, a firmer approach is needed which requires Lorilee to represent clients at court hearings and trials. Regardless of the circumstances, Lorilee helps her clients live with new-found freedom by protecting their families and their assets with as little drama as possible.

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