“I really appreciated Lorilee’s help, advice and demeanor. Very professional and honest. That is a hard combination, but much appreciated. Should anything ever come up, I will not hesitate to call.” – Denis B., engineer

“She’s phenomenal at what she does.” – Anthony C., financial planner

“Lorilee did such a great job for me. A former friend of mine had become obsessed with me, and had convinced himself that I was stalking him. He legally attacked me by trying to get a restraining order against me, and I had no idea how to deal with something like this! Lorilee gathered information for me and came into court very well prepared. She succeeded in convincing the judge that a restraining order should not be issued against me. All I wanted was to be left alone by this person, and now I feel safe and secure in being able to move on with my life in a normal fashion. Lorilee DeSantis really helped me close the door on a bizarre and ridiculous situation that had no place in my life. I would recommend her confidant capabilities to any friend in need of representation without hesitation. Her professionalism along with her ability to keep me calm (and share a laugh as well) through the whole process made me feel confidant. Thank you so much, Lorilee!” – Jason M., customer service representative

“She is incredibly easy to talk to and is a voice of reason” – Christmas S., personal trainer

“Lorilee is very passionate about family law.” – Brook T., realtor

“My boyfriend and I were dragged into court by a former friend of my family. We were very nervous, and had no idea how to go about defending ourselves. Lorilee’s communications with us, and the preparations she made for our court date, were thorough and thoughtful, and instilled in me every confidence that we were going into court well-prepared. Her natural blend of approachability and warmth with iron confidence told me that we were in good hands, and the outcome in court proved the same. We had very little time to prepare between the times we were served notice and the actual court date, and it was right around the holidays! I was impressed and amazed with how she pulled off helping us, especially around one of the busiest times of the year. I’ll never forget how she helped us, and will recommend her to any and all friends who need help in this way! Thank you, Lorilee!!”
– Alana A., barista

“[She’s] fabulous! I’ve never met an attorney as personable as Lorilee.” – Terry D., business owner

“She’s terrific!” – John G., business owner

“She’s a very, very good listener.” – Mark M., business owner

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