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A will is a legal document which expresses a person’s wishes upon death. A typical will identifies beneficiaries, nominates a guardian to serve as a surrogate parent for any minor children the deceased person may have, and nominates someone to administer the estate. Most people should have a will as part of their estate plan.

A will:

  • does not protect your assets from probate
  • does not empower anyone to make financial or medical decisions for you while you are alive

However, there are still benefits to having a will, such as:

  • Control over who gets your property after you pass away
  • Identification of potential persons to serve as guardian of your minor children
  • Express your wishes about whom you want to administer your estate

For most people residing in CA (especially those with minor children, those who own real estate in CA, or those whose assets may exceed the probate threshold), it is usually best to use a will in conjunction with a revocable living trust.

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The ideas discussed in this article are for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. The reader should consult with an attorney to determine what is in the reader’s own best interest.

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