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“The Trifecta!! THE BEST LAWYER AND WORK ETHIC AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS we’ve met! In minutes she “got it” in regards to a VERY complex trust case that other attorneys we had worked with (sadly) could not even comprehend!! Lorilee really knows her business and has a great network. When presented with our dozens of questions, she knew all the answers, and she gave us crucial advice we had never heard before!! In legal matters, you MUST know your attorney has your back – and she will have yours, too. WE COULDN’T BE HAPPIER!! PS – I almost never leave reviews – but this is an exception that must be made. Thank you so much!”
Angela D.

“She was excellent in all ways. She was very attentive and guided my reflection on the multiple aspects of the case. Yes, I was very fortunate to have hired attorney DeSantis. She was very knowledgeable and she listened well to the information I gave her. She took on my case in very short notice and prepared papers necessary for a hearing delay. She’s just an all around excellent attorney whom you can depend on.”
Augusta M.

“Lorilee and her staff were excellent to work with. Diligent and responsive with any questions I had. Informative through out the whole process. I would recommend her for your family law or estate planning needs every time.”
Nick W.

“I have used Lorilee DeSantis both personally and as a local Financial Advisor, I have also referred others to Lorilee, and could not be happier with the level of service and quality of work she consistently provides. She knows her business well, will guide you through the process as painlessly as possible and will get the job done quickly and reasonably. Thank you Lorilee.”
Ken W.

“Some times it takes a tragedy in your life to get you to think about what your loved ones would be left to deal with in the event of your untimely demise. After a friend died in a boating accident leaving a wife and 4 kids behind to deal with the aftermath, it spurred my wife and I to get our affairs in order.

There was no question at all as to who we would have help us through the process of setting up a will and trust….Lorilee DeSantis. We attended a free seminar (put on by Lorilee) on the importance of having estate planning in place. After attending, we set an appointment with Lorilee to discuss our situation and I have to say that the level of professionalism and comfort that her and her unsurpassed staff provide is second to none! The communication through the whole process was great and they were patient when we needed time to think about some difficult questions that arise from this process.

Do not hesitate to talk with Lorilee about your estate planning… can be shorter than you think…do your self and your family a favor… Call her today and sleep better tonight.”
Branden G.

“I contacted Lorilee for a trust & will. I had been putting off doing what I knew I needed to do. She was such a great help in navigating some confusing and emotional pieces that needed to be completed. She was very patient with my questions and very thorough. I am so glad that I had the chance to work with her! Now I can live my life knowing that should anything happen, my family will be okay. I highly recommend Lorilee for estate planning!”
Sue B.

“I have heard the horror stories about what happens to your estate if you do not have a plan, and I hated the idea of making my family suffer through the probate process before they could get any inheritance from me. It was a no-brainer to get our estate plan handled so that should the inevitable happen sooner than expected, the last thing our family would have to worry about is who will take care of our kids and what happens to our stuff. Estate planning is one of those things that people tend to procrastinate doing, but Lorilee made the process easy and much more comfortable than we ever could have expected. She was thorough, patient, and explained things clearly. I was so pleased with my experience with Lorilee that I have referred her to many other people in my life (including family members, friends and my employees) so that she can help them, too. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.”
Jeanne D., Estate Planning

“Before I started working with Lorilee on my estate plan, I was worried about how to protect my assets for my kids and how to maintain family harmony after I’m gone. Lorilee’s expertise and her ethics quickly put me at ease, and I found the estate planning process to be much more comfortable than I had originally anticipated. Lorilee and her team are very professional, and also very caring. I am really glad to have Lorilee as a resource.”
Betty Anne S., Estate Planning

“Lorilee is a smart, professional, wonderful attorney to work with in planning one’s estate. What she brings to the table, in addition to her legal smarts, is her ability to connect with you on a very real emotional level. Estate planning can be very emotional. Lorilee is there with compassion and zero judgment to guide you through. I would recommend her without reservation.”
Cathy K., Estate Planning

“I knew I had to update my will and trust but didn’t know anyone I felt comfortable with. Then I met Lorilee DeSantis! She immediately put me at ease! The entire process was comfortable and simple. I highly recommend Lorilee DeSantis.”
Lisa M., Estate Planning

“I really appreciated Lorilee’s help, advice and demeanor. Very professional and honest. That is a hard combination, but much appreciated. Should anything ever come up, I will not hesitate to call.”
Denis B., Family Law

“She’s phenomenal at what she does.”
Anthony C., Family Law

“Lorilee did such a great job for me. A former friend of mine had become obsessed with me, and had convinced himself that I was stalking him. He legally attacked me by trying to get a restraining order against me, and I had no idea how to deal with something like this! Lorilee gathered information for me and came into court very well prepared. She succeeded in convincing the judge that a restraining order should not be issued against me. All I wanted was to be left alone by this person, and now I feel safe and secure in being able to move on with my life in a normal fashion. Lorilee DeSantis really helped me close the door on a bizarre and ridiculous situation that had no place in my life. I would recommend her confidant capabilities to any friend in need of representation without hesitation. Her professionalism along with her ability to keep me calm (and share a laugh as well) through the whole process made me feel confidant. Thank you so much, Lorilee!”
Jason M., Family Law

“She is incredibly easy to talk to and is a voice of reason”
Christmas S., Family Law

“Lorilee is very passionate about family law.”
Brook T., Family Law

“My boyfriend and I were dragged into court by a former friend of my family. We were very nervous, and had no idea how to go about defending ourselves. Lorilee’s communications with us, and the preparations she made for our court date, were thorough and thoughtful, and instilled in me every confidence that we were going into court well-prepared. Her natural blend of approachability and warmth with iron confidence told me that we were in good hands, and the outcome in court proved the same. We had very little time to prepare between the times we were served notice and the actual court date, and it was right around the holidays! I was impressed and amazed with how she pulled off helping us, especially around one of the busiest times of the year. I’ll never forget how she helped us, and will recommend her to any and all friends who need help in this way! Thank you, Lorilee!!”
Alana A., Family Law

“She’s fabulous! I’ve never met an attorney as personable as Lorilee.”
Terry D., Family Law

“She’s terrific!”
John G., Family Law

“She’s a very, very good listener.”
Mark M., Family Law