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DeSantis Law Group in Santa Rosa, CA: Compassionate and Knowledgeable Legal Representation in Your Estate Planning and Family Law Matters

Estate planning deals with some of the most sensitive, meaningful matters in life: the protection and well-being of your family, end-of-life determinations, and the legacy you want to leave when you pass. It is for this reason that estate planning is exceptionally important, yet at the same time can feel terribly intimidating.

Attorney Lorilee DeSantis understands this on both a personal and professional level, which is why she is so dedicated to each and every client. To her, dedication means taking the time to get to know you—your story, your background, your concerns, and your needs—before, during, and even after she handles your case. It also means working on a case with you (not just for you) to ensure that you fully understand your options and never feel rushed in weighing the pros and cons of each option before you.

The best and most thorough estate plan is one that changes with you during the course of your lifetime, and as such, is best made alongside an attorney with whom you’ve built a valuable relationship over many years. For this reason, Lorilee sees every consultation not just as the beginning of another case, but as the foundation of a fruitful and lasting relationship.

Lorilee demonstrates this same level of compassion and dedication when helping clients who are dealing with Family Law matters—matters that also involve emotionally difficult and potentially life-changing considerations. She understands the weight of every decision in these cases, and treats them with the respect and attention they deserve.

Read on to learn more about the services offered by DeSantis Law Group in Santa Rosa, CA.

Estate Planning Services Offered By DeSantis Law Group in Santa Rosa, CA

Attorney Lorilee DeSantis is prepared to assist you with a variety of estate planning needs, including the following:

  • Revocable Living Trusts
    • There are a number of different kinds of revocable living trusts, and they work in diverse ways. Depending on the circumstances unique to you, more than one type of trust may be recommended, but it can be challenging to make sense of the minutiae of each. Attorney Lorilee DeSantis can distill the complexities into straightforward explanations so that you can make truly informed decisions.
  • Trust Administration
    • In general, a trust administrator (called a “trustee”) is a person who has been granted the authority to act on behalf of another person and handle the affairs of a trust. Typical tasks include filing income tax returns, managing any investments held by the trust, and maintaining communication with the beneficiaries of the trust as needed. Many individuals charged with these responsibilities find themselves feeling overwhelmed by the process and asking a number of questions. With the help of attorney Lorilee DeSantis, you can eliminate much of the stress and uncertainty that come with administering a trust, and quickly obtain the expert guidance you need.
  • Wills
    • Wills are a necessary part of every estate plan. Pour-over wills can function as safety nets for assets that were not put in a trust, and as such, can save significant amounts of time and money for the family members of a deceased loved one.
  • Conservatorships
    • Conservatorships are designed to appoint an individual to care for an adult who has been determined by a judge to have lost the ability to handle their own affairs. Attorney Lorilee DeSantis assists clients through the process of completing required conservatorship forms for the courts in Santa Rosa, CA, and provides guidance after the establishment of a conservatorship.

Family Law Attorney in Santa Rosa, CA

Attorney Lorilee DeSantis is prepared to help you through all aspects of your Family Law case, including the following:

  • Divorce or Legal Separation
    • Depending on the circumstances, you may decide that legal separation better suits your current needs, or that divorce is the only option. Regardless of which path is chosen, having an attorney on your side is paramount. Lorilee DeSantis is the attorney who will help you obtain the best possible outcome and ensure that you receive fair, compassionate representation throughout your case.
  • Guardianships
    • Legal guardianship is an arrangement in which an adult is appointed by the court to raise a minor child when the child’s parents are not willing or able to properly care for the child. A legal guardian is tasked with making determinations regarding the child’s education, place of residence, health care, and more. The guardianship process differs state-to-state, and the laws in CA are complex. This is just one reason it is highly recommended that you seek the services of an experienced attorney when dealing with issues of legal guardianship.
  • Child Support and Spousal Support
    • Struggling financially to support yourself or a child in your care is one of the most stressful situations a person can find themselves in. Whether you know that you are entitled to receive child or spousal support and you’re not receiving it, or you’re simply wondering whether you are eligible to receive it, don’t wait any longer for definitive answers. Contact attorney Lorilee DeSantis in Santa Rosa, CA today.

Contact DeSantis Law Group for answers to any and all of your Estate Planning or Family Law questions. They are ready and waiting to help you move through this challenging time, and get you back to your life in Santa Rosa, CA.

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