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Our Practice Areas

Full Service Representation

We prepare all of the paperwork for the court (including pleadings, motions, settlement agreements and proposed court orders) and represent you at all mediations, depositions, court hearings and trials.

Limited Scope Representation

If you feel you do not need help with your entire legal proceeding, or you feel you cannot afford full service representation, this option allows you to use the services of an attorney for limited parts of your proceeding. Some examples of limited scope representation include:

  • Representation in the courtroom for a single hearing
  • Drafting a motion (such as for child support or spousal support)
  • Drafting a response to the other party’s motion
  • Representation at a mediation
  • Representation at a deposition


We are available on a consultation basis for self-represented individuals who want to discuss their legal problems and consider potential strategies and solutions. We can also prepare pleadings, motions and settlement agreements for you in your name so that you can take advantage of our legal skills and knowledge but still represent yourself in court and in mediations.

Independent Advice Before Signing an Agreement

We provide independent advice and assistance to individuals who are working informally with their spouse or partner to reach an agreement but who want advice before signing anything. We can prepare an agreement for you or review any agreement you have negotiated to make sure it protects your rights and has the legal effect you intend. Below are examples of agreements which we can draft or review for you:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Postnuptial agreements
  • Marital settlement agreements
  • Other marital property agreements (such as transmutations)
  • Dissolution of domestic partnerships
  • Custody agreements (for married or unmarried parents)
  • Separation agreements for co-habitating couples
  • Parenting and custodial time-sharing agreements

We also help couples who are considering marriage or other types of partnerships to understand their rights and obligations in determining whether a premarital or other property agreement would be appropriate. In addition, we help parents create parenting and custodial time-sharing agreements which are unique to each family’s needs.

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